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Updated Thursday June 4, 2015 by Somers Recreation Department Donations.

Dear Member,

This week is the American Heart Association’s  National CPR/AED Awareness Week.  As you are aware, SYSO was one of the first, if not the first, Youth Sports Program in the Hudson Valley area to mandate CPR/AED/Concussion training for coaches.  We are very proud that since the inception of our program we have trained over 250 coaches.  We are also proud that we have purchased approximately 10 AED units that have been placed at the fields for use by the coaches and, in limited circumstances, provided to our travel teams. 

Our work is not done and we have not reached our goal of ensuring that AED’s are made available to the public at all Town and school fields and that our travel teams have them so that when they travel to other Towns who do not have publicly available AED’s, our coaches, volunteers and kids are not at risk.  We are presently in discussions with the Town on our request that the Town provide publicly available AED’s, 24/7, so that an AED is available at all times to any member of the public whether they are in attendance at a SYSO game, a grandparent at the playground with their grandchild or a parent playing sports with their children on the fields.  We will likewise be having similar discussions with the School District.

To continue this work, however, we require your support.  Each CPR class cost $55.00 and each coach must be recertified every 2 years.  Each AED cost $2,500.00.  Our AED’s require monitoring and maintenance and we have entered into a contract at $900.00 per year.  In recognition of the American Heart Association’s National CPR/AED Awareness Week, we are asking our members to consider making a donation that will be placed into a fund dedicated for the purchase of additional AEDs and used for CPR/AED/Concussion training and awareness.  SYSO is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit so your donations are tax deductible.  Please consider making a donation today.  We have set a goal of raising $25,000.00 so that we will be able to purchase 10 more AEDs.  Perhaps you, or a group of your friends of family or colleagues would like to purchase an AED in honor of a loved one.  We would be thrilled to accept such a donation and affix a plaque to the AED in their honor. 

You need only google AED in youth sports to come up with a series of articles where an AED has saved a life.  It need not only be the life of a child at play, but it may be a coach or referee, a parent or even a grandparent watching.  The simple fact is that when there is a heart incident, the use of an AED is instrumental in facilitating life saving measures.  Every minute that the use of an AED is delayed reduces the likelihood of survival by 10%. 

Please help us help our community to make more AEDs publicly available for our children and our community.  Please consider making a donation today by sending a check to SYSO at 108 Village Square, #302, Somers, NY 10589 or going online to make your donation at __________________________________.  Please forward this email to those who may be interested.  If you have any questions, you may contact the SYSO Board at  Thank you for your consideration. 


Nicholas Ward-Willis

Joe Sciacca
Vice President

Andre Sanz